What do we do?

InoFib develops, manufactures and sells nanocellulose through patented processes, especially microfibrillated or nanofibrillated cellulose (MFC or NFC) based products. Originated from wood, this renewable and abundant material, reveals great opportunities for a large range of application.

Cellulose nanofibrils are completely bio-sourced and look like extremely thin filaments. The amazing mechanical properties (Kevlar-range) and great barrier properties provide this material with a promising future.


Our markets

The various great properties of NFC unveiled by the different InoFib products allow a very wide range of applications in many distinct areas. For instance, it is able to replace previously used chemicals originating from petrochemical industry, but many other possibilities are available:

Specialty papers:
Mineral fillers and polluting compounds reduction, increase in mechanical properties

Replacement of ordinary plastics for barrier properties

Weight reduction and mechanical improvements

Replacement and/or reduction of silicon fillers and other particles, weight reduction

Replacement of latex emulsifiers originating from petro chemistry, toxicity reduction, rheo-thickening