Gel de NFC


An aqueous suspension of nanofibrillated cellulose resulting from chemical and mechanical treatment of wood pulp.

Properties :

> Mechanical properties in Kevlar range
> Excellent barrier properties
> Hydrophilic
> Film forming ability
> Biodegradable



> Pulp & Paper industry : bulk or surface, mechanical resistance improvement, drastic permeability reduction, replacement of common polluting or expensive additives
> Non-woven : better mechanical reinforcement
> Formulation: binder, stabilizer for emulsion

NFC sous forme sèche


The NFC Gel is treated in order to reach a high dry content. This results in two products:
> Fine powder
> Aerogel



The dry NFC allows the replacement of higher density reinforcement fillers for weight reduction and mechanical resistance improvement.

nfc fonctionalisees

Functionalized NFC

Surface treatment provides NFC with hydrophobic properties. The vast possibilities in NFC chemical modification allow many customizations in order to provide the material with specific properties. Anti-bacterial activity is an example.

Properties :

> Excellent barrier properties
> Hydrophobic
> Film forming capacity retained
> Biodegradable



> Packaging : impermeable film production with suitable barrier properties
> Pulp & Paper: bulk or surface for mechanical resistance improvement, replacement of common additives, drastic decrease in permeability, hydrophobic paper